Let’s talk about infills for a second.

The first thing that you need to know is that infills are actually more complicated than creating a full set from scratch. How come? Well, when your lash artist designs your initial set of lashes, it’s done with a bespoke and perfectly balanced lash map. All of the lashes are sitting pretty in their place.

What happens with infills is that your artist needs to look at what lash fall has occurred, what natural lashes you have that are strong enough to hold an extension, and how they can re-balance what’s left with the new lashes that they’ll apply.

You also need to bear in mind that your lashes grow, so in the weeks following your appointment not only will some of your natural lashes fall out, your teenage lashes will also grow longer. That means that the extensions that were applied two or three weeks ago will be sitting further out from your lashline than the lashes that your artist will apply freshly at your infill.

If you’ve had a lot of lash growth, some of the existing extensions may need to be removed before your artist can begin, which is a painstaking process to ensure that no damage is done to your natural lash.

It’s not hard to see that there’s a lot of work in balancing the density and the length of infills to make your lashes look as beautiful as the day your full set was first applied.

This is one of the reasons why we encourage clients to book infills at regular intervals – you’ll not only have better looking lashes, you’ll also save time and money in the long run.

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