Natural Volume Lashes


Perfect for anyone who wants to explore the world of volume lashes but isn’t quite ready to take on our more intense Volume sets, our Natural Volume lashes create the long, thick, curly lashes that mascara promises, but always fails to deliver. Ideal for creating everyday glamour, you’ll be amazed at just how much difference a set of great lashes can make.

Using the lightest of light lashes – a mere 0.03mm thick – your lash artist will analyse your natural lashes and create a personalised lash map that will deliver a beautifully balanced, but not over-the-top look that will showcase your eyes and enhance your natural beauty.

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What’s involved

To complete your Natural Volume set, your artist will carefully apply hand-crafted fans of up to 6-7 lashes to up to 50% of your natural lashes that are strong enough to hold an extension. The exact number of fans applied will depend on several factors, including how thick and healthy your natural lashes are.

What to expect at your appointment

If you have never had lashes before, or are a new client with us, we will need to perform a patch test 24-48 hours before lashes can be applied to ensure that you have no allergy or sensitivity to the lash adhesives that we use. This is critical to ensure the safety of your eyes and is absolutely not negotiable. We reserve the right to refuse to apply lash extensions to any person if we are concerned about the results of the patch test.

In certain circumstances, existing clients may also be requested to attend a patch test prior to a lash appointment.

If you have existing extensions that have been applied at a different salon, we will need to asses them before we can apply your new lashes.

How to prepare for your appointment

There are several things that you can do that will help to ensure maximum lash retention time and an enjoyable appointment:

  • cleanse, cleanse, cleanse – make sure your lashline is totally free of dirt, oil and makeup
  • never, ever, ever have a lash tint or perm/lift before having extensions applied
  • we all love a great coffee, but to stop your eyelids from getting super excited we ask that you limit your caffeine consumption before your appointment
  • if you wear contact lenses you will need to remove them for your appointment, please either wear your glasses or bring your contact case with you to keep them safe while we are applying your lashes
  • grab your headphones and bring along your favourite music, audiobook or podcast to enjoy
  • plan to arrive 10 minutes early to make sure you have time to freshen up and relax before your appointment – it’s no fun trying to prepare someone for lashes when they’re stressed and out of breath from rushing

Lash Basics

At any given time you have three different generations of lashes in your lashline – they have technical names of course, but we call them babies, teenagers and ‘Grandpas’.

Everyone has a natural lash cycle of growth, life and fall. On average, eyelashes take between 6-8 weeks to complete the growth cycle.

Here’s how we treat each of the different type of lashes:

Babies: too delicate to hold an extension, these are the smallest and thinnest and fairest of all your lashes (in fact, you may not even be able to see them yourself when you look in the mirror). These teeny tiny little lashes need to be protected and nurtured so they can grow strong and live their best lash life. They are one of the reasons why proper isolation is so critical – if these babies are caught up in the lash application they will get damaged and possibly pulled out. It’s one of the reasons why we are so passionate about proper isolation and insist on double and even triple checking your lashes once your set is complete to ensure no babies have snuck under the radar.

Teenagers: these lashes are at the peak of health and strength. Teenage lashes are longer and darker than babies and have a lot of life before them. These are the lashes that we prioritise for lash application – they are strong enough to hold an extension, and still young enough to ensure good retention as they mature.

Grandpas: sadly, these lashes are a bit past their prime – they are the oldest lashes on your lashline and will be the longest and darkest ones you can see. Unfortunately, because they’ve been around the longest, they’re usually also bent or wonky and although they’re the easiest to isolate, they’re not the best candidates to take an extension. As a general rule, an extension will only be applied to a grandpa lash as a last resort when there are no teenage lashes in the area and not having an extension there will leave a noticeable gap. The great news is that although the extension applied to the grandpa will not last as long, the baby lashes in that area will generally have matured enough to take an extension by the time you come back for your infill appointment.

Something to remember: everyone – and we mean everyone – experiences lash fall. It’s a normal part of the growth cycle. And every now and then (roughly every 3-6 months or so) everyone experiences a significant lash fall, where you go to bed one night and look in the mirror the next morning wondering where half of your lashes went.

What happens when you have extensions is that the lash fall is more noticeable. Properly applied lash extensions do NOT damage your natural lashes, they just make changes to them much easier to see.

Appointment time: approximately 1.15 – 1.3hours



  • We will not apply lashes to anyone under the age of 18.
  • You may be required to have a preliminary appointment to have a patch test done before we can apply lashes.
  • We will not lash over another artist’s work. You will need to arrange removal of your existing extensions (either with us or with the technician who applied them) so that we can start creating your luscious new look with a totally clean slate.

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